How did the magnetic swip start?

Hvordan startede Magnetiskevipper?
How did the magnetic swip start?
The idea of ​​magnetic swip originally arose based on a need. The owner's sister has alopecia and lost her natural eyelashes - she used traditional artificial lashes, but it was hard to get them stuck when there were no lashes at all.
What was the vision?
Since they are used every day, it should be lashes in top quality and preferably be relatively easy to get stuck. At the same time, it should be a product where no glue and chemicals were to be used. Magnetic swabs were produced with 6 magnets and in an extra durable material that could withstand many times use.
Our development
It turned out that the product was just a product that many users, regardless of age, were very happy with and therefore the series was quietly expanded, so today there is for both daily use and party use and with eyeliners in different types and colors .
Dream visor for all ages
Throughout it has been important that magnetic swabs should have the best quality and be the easiest to apply - so that they could be used on a daily basis. It has been found that magnetic swabs are used by all age groups - the mature women discover that "heavy" eyelids look more "open" and fresh with the natural lashes. The younger women get "dream flips" in minutes without the use of chemicals etc. Many women use the lashes on a daily basis, for a nice natural look and replace the variants with the more powerful versions when they are in the city, for example.
Magnetic wiping today
After many months of work and samples, we can now find that we have created the perfect formula for magnetic eyelashes. With input from thousands of customers, we have had something to work on all the time. We were some of the absolute first in Denmark and we have been a big part of the foundation, for magnetic eyelashes in Denmark. Our goal is still to have the best quality & we strive to further develop our products all the time.
We hope you liked the story of how we created magnetic wipes for Danish women. We hope that you will support us and join our journey about magnetic wipes.
Are you crazy about magnetic wipes?

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